This is a place where you can meet your bridge friends that have scattered across the globe. Invite them to a party and have fun as it used to be in the good old days.

The site is in its test version. So, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. For suggestions or getting help visit the forum of the game or contact me:

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You may use the box below to place an invitation for a bridge party or other annoncement to the HLO visitors.

To start playing:
Choose a table, fill in the name field and click one of the buttons round the table to join the corresponding position.

You can communicate with the other players by the chat-box provided in the game window. It is best to fill in here your SKYPE name, as well. This will enable your verbal communication with the other players. (This option is temporarily disabled.)

online bridge news

15 January 2008
The chat-box is ready. Finally HLO-bridge has a valuable addon to facilitate the players interaction during the game.

2 October 2007
The forum of the game is up and running. There you could share your impression concerning the HLO bridge, as well as get help about the online play and bridge game itself.

27 September 2007
Homo Ludens Online Bridge is listed in the Great Bridge Links - one of the most notable bridge places in the web.

HLO ver. # 0.5.20100125.0

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No players online?
Homo Ludens Online Bridge may start when all the four seats are occupied. In case you do not have partners at the moment, you can still get an impression of the game's interface by signing-in at each of the four seats round a table. Your browser will open four separate windows - each seat with its own. All four windows update according to your bids.

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